Integrated business legal consulting

Integrated business legal consulting

Thessaloniki Legal Consulting

Our law office consists of a group of lawyers with a wide range of studies and strict professionalism. We provide legal advice to companies and individuals on all issues that concern businesses. We have many years of experience in a wide range of cases throughout Europe and through a network of partners, inside and outside Greece, we ensure the best provision of legal services to your business.

Our Lawyers

Eleni Idrioti

Supreme Court lawyer - LL.M. (Master of Laws) in International Business Law

Andreas Chatzinakis


Dr.Dimitris Theocharis


Fields of interest

Commercial law - Legal advice

Registration of Trademarks

Franchise agreements

Business restructuring - Article 99 - Renegotiation of loans

Mergers - Commercial partnerships - Commercial negotiations

Intellectual property law - NGO

Tax cases

Criminal cases

Labour cases

Property management

Overindebted households

Swiss Franc

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