Fields of interest

Fields of interest

Commercial law - Legal advice

As far as general civil and in particular commercial law cases are concerned, we provide the client in principle with advice and instructions in order to prevent problems or, when they arise, to ensure that the client is prepared.

It has been proven in practice that consultative lawyering, i.e. the continuous provision of advice to the client and the company, contributes to a large extent to avoiding a large part of the problems caused by poor initial handling.

Thus, contracts are drawn up to cover all the customer's activities (e.g. agency contracts, distribution contracts, commercial cooperation contracts, rental contracts, leasing contracts, etc.) and to avoid future disputes.

When some cases reach the courts, it has been found that the side that has had proper handling and legal advice before the litigation even starts has the best chance of winning the cases.

In these cases of litigation, we undertake the full handling of the cases until the final resolution of the problem. The cases we handle cover the whole range of civil law and especially commercial law, as explained in individual sections.

Registration of Trademarks

In the modern world, brands, which should not be left unused. The serious businessman takes care of the registration of his trademark, which is a serious asset of his business.

Proper checking is done before you even start using the trademark in order to avoid disputes, disputes and commercial damages, which have to do with the frequent counterfeiting, copying and other unfair acts that take place.

But what is a trademark?

The "trademark" is put on the name or on the goods or services that the business markets.

A trade mark may consist of words, names of natural or legal persons, pseudonyms, images, designs, letters, numbers, sounds, including musical phrases, the shape of the product or its packaging, a graphic representation such as a business logo.

In general, a trade mark is any sign, symbol, graphic representation, letter, emblem, sound (including musical phrases), form of product or form of product packaging freely represented and used to distinguish between characteristics such as quality, manufacture, origin of goods, products or services. It is used to facilitate the distinction between the products of individual producers or manufacturers and to protect the public from unfair competition. A trademark, once legally registered, is considered a permanent and exclusive asset of the (natural or legal) person whose name is registered.

Our office undertakes the immediate registration of any trademark, patent, industrial property, both in Greece and abroad.

Prior to registration, a thorough check is carried out on the already registered marks in order to avoid confusion. If a trademark is used and then it is proven that this trademark infringes an already registered trademark in Greece, in Europe or in the world in general, there is an immediate risk that there will be a judicial involvement and that the immediate cessation of use of the trademark will be requested.

In cases of unfair acts against your registered trademark by a third party, we undertake the handling of cases before the competent courts.

Franchise agreements

These contracts are a modern tool for doing business. However, due to their complex nature, a proper preparation of the contract is required to reflect all the obligations of the parties.

This is also where misunderstandings arise, which in the future create problems, since it is common to undertake obligations that are unrealistic and even illegal.

At this point, we provide advice to anyone who wants to make use of a similar contract, either as the creator of a franchise system or as a member of an existing system.

Business restructuring - Article 99 - Renegotiation of loans

In times of deep crisis, fast and efficient measures are needed to keep a business alive. One of these tools is the reorganisation petition under Article 99 of the Bankruptcy Code. In such cases, we undertake, with the help of associate economists, the preparation of the candidate for the reorganization application and, if the application is successful, the negotiation with the creditors until the final resolution of the case.

In addition, we undertake on behalf of companies, with the help of partner economists, the renegotiation of their loan obligations and their debts in general, in order to achieve better repayment terms.

Finally, we undertake the inclusion of persons in the law on indebted households of Law 3869.2010.

Mergers - Commercial partnerships - Commercial negotiations

In the modern world, it is now understood that agreements that are concluded and bind the parties for years must be drawn up with due care. Nowadays, commercial negotiations are a stage where the assistance of professionals, who are experts in the field, is required. Amateurism leads to bad decisions and agreements doomed to fail.

Particularly in cases of acquisitions, mergers, new commercial partnerships, we assist our clients even before the start of negotiations, when the strategy to be followed is drawn up, until the final drafting of the relevant agreements.

Intellectual property law - NGO

Our firm handles intellectual property cases so that the author can protect their creations. Furthermore, we draw up contracts between producers, artists, other entities, so that all obligations undertaken by the parties are clearly reflected. Finally, we assist in the selection of the right entity to manage artistic events and happenings (Non-profit Civil Society, Association, Non-Governmental Organization and so on) and in their establishment and management.

Tax cases

In times like the present, where governmental tax control is tight, we provide, in cooperation with experienced tax advisors, advice to the client in order to deal positively with the labyrinthine tax legislation. And if fines are imposed, we take the case to the competent courts.

Labour cases

Agreements between company and employees are an important element of good corporate organisation. Moreover, modern legislation now provides for many working models (part-time work - semi-employment - special company contracts - individual contracts - working time arrangements and so on), which are available to the entrepreneur.

With the right advice and monitoring, it is possible to find the working model that suits the company and the employee.

Property management

Do you want to buy a property? Our office undertakes the verification of the legality of real estate in view of purchase and sale or leasing contracts, lease-back and the drafting of the relevant contracts.

Do you already have properties that you lease or exploit in any way? Do you need a professional to help you?

Our office undertakes the subsequent management of the properties by assisting in any lease contracts and controlling the payment of the lease payments as well as the conclusion of any kind of contract.

Our experience in real estate is significant and long-standing and guarantees the best result for the management of your properties.

Property management

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